Writing Process

           Anne ran into the store for a couple of things she needed for the morning. It had been a long day for her. She began writing early and finished at 5:00pm. She was finishing her latest book and somehow it had gotten very hard to cut it down to where she wanted it. The ideas for the chapters were great so she wrote every idea she had into her file. This made it hard when she went back to it because she had to weed out some ideas to simplify her story otherwise she would have much too many details.

            Continuing with her storyline wasn’t hard. Reorganizing made writing much easier. Anne had really liked creating her characters. She felt she knew them personally and so she cared about their stories. It’s really something how an author connects with characters. It brings a fond regard, which permeates, through the pages of words keeping the integrity of the character.

            Staying true to the characters gives a good story and consistent flow through the book. Once she’s finished, she’ll go through the chapters again to make sure every detail is covered and clearly explained. Sometimes Anne would laugh when she thought of where she goes during a day of writing. She can be in an English estate or pub or Africa if a character is doing business there. “How lucky is that?” she often thought.

             Walking out of the store she found a rabbit’s foot.” Hummm”, she said to herself, “maybe I’ll use this find in one of my new stories!”

            “Now to get something to eat, relax and start again in the morning.” Anne said to herself. “Maybe I can fit in some exercise before starting again.”

. . . Anne

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