Writer’s Journey

               . . . Anne sat at the computer and sighed with relief. She finished her project this afternoon and took a break to have dinner before sitting down to watch television. It had been a long week but the weekend went by very quickly. Monday will being tax preparation but not before finding all of her receipts for deductions.

               Snow is falling, what a disappointment! Spring peeked through bringing fresh smells, soft winds and now a second snowfall since the vernal equinox. The only thing that can be said is it does not last too long. Well, the weather forces Anne to stay inside giving more opportunity for her to write. “Or is it no excuse not to?” Anne thought.

               It seems that she wants to finish writing her book but something inside makes her look to other projects. Anne sometimes thinks the subjects of the book are too close to look at. Yet, she thinks about it all the time. Piece by piece she is getting it done. “That says something” Anne patted herself on the back as she looked at her finished work.

               Anne decided to go to bed early but not without a game plan for her book. She will put her hours in early tomorrow before she does anything else. Perhaps this will be the week she will decide on a title of the book. She knows that it will have stories about life and people but a title has not come to her yet.

               Well, she will sleep on it for now.

. . . Anne

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