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Writers Collection

           Fall still brought beautiful days to St Claire Shores. Anne walked down the road with a light step. Her new walking shoes gave her a bounce that eased her tired heels. It seemed as if she didn’t stay on her heels long at all. She bounced into the next step as if on air.  Walking every day gave her a workout and yet it didn’t tax her body as much as running would.

            Her favorite rowboat was on dry land now even though gentle weather has lasted well into October.  Therefore, she is on foot until the end of April for her morning communing. It was her meditation time and renewed her writing for the day. When her writing tapered off for the day, she went on to other projects such as cleaning, or shopping, etc. She saved a couple of weekday afternoons for lunch with a friend or she would eat alone observing her surroundings and people. One night of the week, she spent an evening socializing with friends in groups. Everything she did helped fuel her writing.

            People were so interesting to her and they all had a different slant on life. She could glean charateristics from each person she encountered. Anne looked at people and remembered her first impressions so she could describe a physical trait for a character whether nice looking or not. She often used her first impressions of energy exchanges, as well. She would write describing a bad wind entering a room or a welcome light shining among a dull lifeless group of life-worn codgers.

  • Just sitting by a window in the café offered a Technicolor view of the weather.
  • It was so gray and cloudy the streetlights went on before the rain fell.
  • One cloud drifted slowly through the peach and turquoise sky.
  • She could see and hear the metal rings on the café curtains clanking against the curtain rod. A customer left in a hurry pushing the door with all his might. The blustery wind held the door open blowing even the dust on the floor in the café. The manager closed the door as quickly as possible.

        Poems came out of her walking and viewing through restaurant and café windows. There were days in winter she would go to an atrium in the center of the ground floor of a hotel. This had the same effect on her as a nature walk and rowing in summer.

           Anne liked writing. She often looked for new ways to tap her creative force and so she nurtured her process with foolproof actions. Exercise and beautiful surroundings opened her inner self to express.

         Anne sat on the bench outside her door. She watched migrating birds in the sky. After a few minutes she said, “Now, off to find a new place to add to my collection of writing places.”

Anne . . .

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  1. Thanks for good stuff

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  2. Thanks you for the pleasant comment! I like to hear what people like to read.
    I am finishing my newest book “Conversations with Anne” ©2010. It should be available in December.
    Thanks, again,

    Cathie Andrew | Oct 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hey thanks for this a little good post. But I still don’t get the last part though!

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  6. Thanks for the comment. I like to know what people want to read. I am a coach to help others express through writing.
    I take it you are a writer. “Keep Writing” is my mantra. The same to you.

    Cathie Andrew | Oct 24, 2010 | Reply

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