Whyning! Yes, Anne spelled the word exactly the way she wanted. It combines the word why with the sound of a whining, irksome voice generally coming out of a child. Actually, the question and the sound only come out of us when we slip into a childish place. Our inner child sits and asks this question. The child can’t be appeased and the ongoing questions prove this reality.

A little child will sit and ask ‘why’. Sometimes, endlessly, the child will go on and on asking ‘why’ because there is no answer to the question that can’t be followed with another utterance of ‘why’. The repetition of the question fuels more dissonance because there is no answer to the ‘why’ question that ever satisfies this aspect of self.

Age has nothing to do with the use of this line of questioning. Grown people question in the same manner, not knowing they’re functioning from their own inner child. If they were aware, they could click into another gear and ask questions that will bring working answers to the forefront. Questions that being closure to their inquiries.

What and How questions bring tangible answers that end questioning because solutions or concrete answers come to you. The adult mind knows when these questions are answered and no more have to be asked. Each of these questions bring who, where, when and even why answers giving a full view and closure to our queries.

Asking how and what comes from an adult aspect of self-an aspect with reason and logic. An adult may not like the answers it gets from it’s queries. However, the adult will know the response is correct because of the logic it brings with closure on the subject.

Anne sat and read what she wrote. She sat in reflection then said, “what a great way to check where I am coming from. The next time I find myself ‘whyning’ I’ll, quickly, switch to how and what questions. Hum, I hope hows and whats, soon, become automatic inquiries.

Anne . . .


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