Tomato Traditional Cookbook

 3-Traditional Cookbook IconAllison G. raves about the Simple Potato Salad: “Simply delicious, simple to make. So good, I had to get the recipe to make myself a batch. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. It was so good! Best potato salad I’ve ever had!”

 “Rose”  was a great cook. When she tasted my sauce recipe, even she was impressed. “Cathie this is so good! How did you make this gravy? What did you use?” (Cathie’s mother)

 Jessica D. had this to say: “I grew up with homemade Italian cooking and there is nothing like it. In our household, we always referred to sauce as gravy. Unfortunately, my step-grandmother passed away and her recipes were lost to us. It wasn’t until I met Cathie that I was able to experience true “gravy” again. It warms the heart and soul. I think anyone who has grown up with homemade “gravy” will agree that this recipe reminds us of family. Cathie, thank you, for sharing it with me.”

Oh, those “Sailing Angels”

Heidi Walter wrote: Though I love food, I have to admit that I am not much of a cook.  All the cookbooks I have received as gifts have a tendency to gather dust on the kitchen shelf. Yet, what a charming slice of life Cathie’s Traditional Cookbook is.  In between yummy recipes, she tells her story of growing up Italian in Chicago and all the lessons (and recipes) she learned from her mother and grandmother. If, like me, you are not drawn to cookbooks with list after list of recipes, and want some human-interest stories thrown in, this is your book.  A page-turner and a pure delight!

Heidi Walter . . . “Traditional Cookbook “ is charming and delicious!


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Heidi Walter:  For years when something funny or unusual has happened to me, I would joke to friends that I was saving that incident for my memoirs. Of course, I didn’t really know how to write my memoirs. Well, now I do.  Cathie has put together a comprehensive, detailed book showing us just how to tell our stories.  She not only gives us examples from her own writings but includes quotes from well-known writers as well as a section on poetry from Emily Dickinson, Dylan Thomas, even William Shakespeare-to mention a few.  So, if you’re serious about telling your story but don’t know where to start, I suggest you pick up this book.                

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