Simple Pleasures Reap Rewards

Anne typed as the weatherman announced the storm warnings for the evening. She sat by the widow typing as the light from the sun diminished slowly. Hearing the weatherman, she could not deny the changes in the weather anymore so she stopped for a moment and turned on the light. The problem with that was she had to close the blinds. She did not want to like a manikin on display in a store window.

Anne had finished with her latest eBook, “Wellspring – How to Write Your Memoirs”. She is in the process of finding an editor. The last one she used has retired. It isn’t easy finding someone to do this. They must come with a recommendation.

Anne is busy putting another book together. She has had this one for months adding to it as the first months of the year have past. All she has to do is add to her already written chapters, organize and edit. She should have another Book finished soon. “Ever Evolving, Ever Blooming” – Conversations with Anne.

How nice is that? Anne thought. This was the day she seriously began putting the book together. When she stopped for the day, she had succeeded in editing the introduction, creating another section adding to a topic from the intro. It is great when things flow.

Well, on to washing floors. Anne has always enjoyed this ritual. Clean non- greasy or crumby floors. It is nice to receive joy from small pleasures in life!

Anne . . .

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