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Have you ever wished you had Italian food from your childhood?

Maybe life took you away from your heritage.
Perhaps you want to regain it with traditional recipes 

If so, My “Traditional Cookbook” is for you!!!

                 Recipes and vignettes with memories of growing up in the Chicago area. Such as, taking a walk after dinner for a real “Chicago Dog”. Memories of family parties and holiday traditions.

As I wrote my “Traditional Cookbook”, I embraced, at a deeper level,
my ancestry. I found it to be very rewarding by discovering:

From simple folks came some wonderful recipes and traditions that are truly ancient.

On Christmas Eve, my mother made “gravy” with tomatoes and Calamari/squid,
along with Baccala/codfish salad, and maybe a baked eel.

These traditions are centuries old. I was surprised to find that out myself.
Growing up with these traditions, I took them for granted