One Thing Ends and Another Begins

            Anne awoke at 6:00 am. Stumbling between the bed and the television, she reached to turn it on to see if her choice of governor won the election. Still undecided, she grimaced with concern that her choice wouldn’t get into office. She watched the bottom of the screen to see election results for the House and Senate. Those races were just about decided. The republicans took hold of the House of Representatives while the Senate majority stayed Democratic.

            Anne sat and contemplated, “Voices of the people have been heard. Enough- of government spending and deficits! However, now there will be more stale mates with the Senate passing Democratic bills and The House voting down the same bills. The opposite result will happen when Republicans try to pass a bill. It won’t be a good two years for our president. But, what’s new? President Obama walked into a broken system and people want it fixed in a millisecond. Unfortunately, Republicans were saying what’s  wrong and needs to be done without giving a solution for the problems. This is the technique of both parties to get into office. It takes a lot of energy to decipher campaign ads and get to truth. Truth that reflects fact. No one knows exactly how to solve all the problems the country has. We haven’t been here before so anyone in office is walking a blind path.”

            No matter what the outcome of the vote, there won’t be any more political ads, positive or negative.  A few of the races were won or lost by small margins.” Anne gave a thought to the unlucky Senator, Representative or Governor that lost by a small margin. Then she sighed with relief that the election was over. She was very aware that her relief reflected sentiments of many. Even television hosts were giving big cheers that political ads have ended.”

            Finished with her thoughts on politics, Anne began her day with a smile. It’s November and time to get her menu and decorations out for Thanksgiving. The week will fly by and now is the time to prepare for giving thanks for what we do have.

            “It’s time for peace on the home front and the holiday season to begin, whether bountiful or slim. It’s time for some comfort foods, good company and good friends,” thought Anne.  

            “Hum, now where is that tablecloth with the horn of plenty?

. . . Anne

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