Anne listened to the news. It never sounds very happy so she turned the television off. She was also tired of hearing about Mel Gibson and his supposed rants. She wondered if the recent rant was really him. No matter, it had nothing to do with her.

            Today was a beautiful summer day in Chicago. It was swim weather without the heavy humidity that usually accompanies a summer day in the Midwest. Anne found herself sitting by her friend Lulu on a bench under a tree. Lulu is a swan. There is a pond in a park a few blocks from her home where the swan lives. This is a favorite place for her to sit and reflect on anything. There are times she writes poetry. Other times she would get ice cream to eat and enjoy the summer weather with Lulu.

            Today Anne found a photo album with pictures from many years ago. She brought it to the park and sat with Lulu. Looking at the pictures, she enjoyed seeing her youth. It sparked a little longing inside of her for younger days but she didn’t let that overtake her. After a short time, she walked to the coffee shop at the end of the park to get an iced coffee.

            Anne walked back to the bench she usually sat on and continued looking at the photos. As she viewed them, she laughed at how busy life was. There were years she had only thought about others. Working and the children’s needs kept her busy. Summers flew by without much thought.

Now, life flowed very nicely allowing her to sit at the pond on more days than she would have thought possible. Gratitude overcame her for the treasure of old photos she found and the right to sit by the pond on a beautiful summer day without any worry.

Anne . . .

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