Love With a Large ‘L’

There is nothing like it. The large ‘L’ depicts a universal aspect of love that is sound and steadfast- As in thestate of being in love. The power of this basis of ‘being’ is greater than we could imagine. Viewing the roles humans play from Good Samaritan to vengeful warrior with the big ‘L’ as a basis of ‘being’, renders a deep compassion forthe hateful and misguided.

For  Anne, the big ‘L’ is the state she has worked toward all of her life. She knew that her goal was to move into an unconditional state of love but she didn’t
know how that would happen. For her, the path toward this state of being took the form of disappointments in the actions of herself as well as others.

When it came to her own actions that surprised her and disappointed her at the same time, she found when she came to her senses, poof her black cloud burst and disintegrated. Behold, the big ‘S’ emerged. ‘S’–That greater Self that lies within us at our core, our authentic being. Anne could only think of others at that time. Particularly another she had offended. After a few days, she found the big ‘L’ emerged from a depth she had not known.

Her small’s’ and small l’ were overshadowed by the emergence of her greater aspects. Her heart and soul. The small’s’ and ‘l’ are of the 3rd dimension. It’s hard to hold the better aspects of both. Life tugs and tugs on us to choose with each pull to act or react. If we have emotional problems we can be easily tossed in situations. Our reactions come from our smallness, out of our own traumas. It took many reactions from the small self before Anne reached her larger Self and a cavern of Love, deeper than she has ever known. The universal state of being big S and big L reside in the 4th dimension. The quantum!

Anne . . .

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