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From my cookbook beginnings came my newest book, Wellspring- How to Write Your Memoirs©2010. This book is a great reference to the simplicity of the basic writing process. It encourages one to realize they too can write of their history. From basic organization of a place to write to committing to what to write about, it covers some activities and guidelines to follow. I give this book away in Step 2 of my Writing for Expression & Profit coaching program.

            I enjoy writing stories about Anne. I blog about her thoughts and feelings and I am finishing an inspirational fiction book with her as the central character and others who live in a small town. The book is coming soon. It is entitled “Conversations with Anne”©2010. It’s the first of a series.  ” Ever Evolving, Ever Blooming”

            I write articles about writing, I am published in print books of other authors. I write poetry, which only needs organizing into a book. I continue to write and create and will continue to do so. Expression is important to me and that is the basis of my Coaching program. To help others open to their creativity, express their truth, and share what they know with others. We learn from one another. We read of other’s experiences and how they resolved an issue, we read to learn how to do something, we read to hear stories of other’s that take us to different places on the map and eras gone by. Writing is thought to be solitary and yet it affects so many readers.

We can be affiliates for other people’s products we want to recommend. This increases our product offerings and enhances sales. Your customers will want to know what you like and so endorsing another product is good for all concerned.

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Cathie Andrew

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