Lifelong Creative Journey

            Writing is a logical time consuming joy to me. I have been writing regularly for about 5 years now and when I sit to write I feel as  if all of me is present and my body is in sync with my brain. The creative force and my soul are present, leading the way. Writing was not always like this for me. I found through my adult years that writing was a good vehicle for me to express what I wanted to say. I used it to make lists of chores for my children and to fully express my thoughts when an emotional subject needed discussing.

            When I began writing, daily, I wrote to my coach through emails. What I wrote was not very good at all. Most of my writing was statements about my day and many complaints about my boss. I did that for any months before I decided to write a cookbook and include vignettes about the women in my family. I wrote of two grandmothers, my mother and myself. Then, I included family recipes and other recipes I created. Some I received from different groups of friends. When I wrote about my family and remembered parts of my youth, I began writing in a different way.

            After a first draft and then a second, the writing developed into interesting paragraphs. I was so proud of my stories. I enjoyed remembering good times and traditions I loved from childhood.

            I then wrote another small recipe book with more vintage recipes for those who wanted my give-a–way recipes in a book. I even did an audio version of the original book. Now with the expanded new edition, “Traditional Cookbook”©2009 I am adding to the file to bring it up to date.

           Creativity has always been a part of my life in some way or another. Writing my cookbook was a pleasant fulfilling journey. Taking up writing later in life seems to have followed, rightly, a whole line of creative endeavors. From aspects of Cosmetology, to cooking and baking, to writing-there have been many facets of each that came out of the creative center inside of me.

. . . to be continued

Cathie Andrew

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