”I Should Take My Own Advice” . . . Anne

               While trying to format her newest book, Anne found she was knee deep in Word help for hours trying to figure out the instructions. Oh, they were easy enough to understand but when applied, she got confused many times with what choices to make. Sometimes she made extra mouse clicks and found she wasn’t where she wanted to be. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, she got the idea of how easy it is to use a shortcut key to apply headings to her pages. Then on to sectioning chapters, page numbers, etc. She has done this before but forgot the nuances of the program because it has been months since she last looked at styles and formatting a long document.

               After taking a break, Anne went back to work on her book. Surprisingly, she found it easier to achieve her goals after having some lunch and removing any thought about styles from her mind. When she went back to her document, she was refreshed making it easier to tackle.

“That’s funny,” Anne thought. “I tell others to walk away from a perplexing project for a while, and still, I stay at it until I am frazzled.”

 Apparently, her advice works because it was working for her today. Before she knew it, she was finished with the preliminary formatting and on to other projects scheduled for the day.  

Anne . . .

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