Happy Christmas

Anne finished wrapping her last gift. It was three o’clock on Christmas Eve. She was happy to have finished with time to spare. She would spend the evening with Noah and his family. She would spend tomorrow with her children and grandchildren.

This year, for her, the song of the year was “Christmas Memories”. She liked listening to Barbra Streisand sing it. Since just after Thanksgiving she heard it almost every day. Her children had their own children this year. She became a grandmother of three seemingly very quickly within the last two months. For the last four years, she had one grandchild and this year two more were born. Suddenly, she felt a rush of gratitude and the magnificence of being a grandmother grew with each addition.

The song she played through the season reflected her thoughts of Christmases past. Anne felt pride with each birth of the grandchildren and fortunate to have these gifts. Stepping back and viewing the growth of this new generation, she felt a part of a greater plan.

“Another rite of passage”, Anne thought. This one seemed to sneak up on her.

Looking forward to spending time with family, she finished her casserole for tomorrow’s dinner-her contribution. Anne put music on while she worked.

“Merry Christmas,” she thought, “to all and to all a great New Year.

Anne . . .

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