*God Bless Us, Everyone!

               There can be no doubt that Charles Dickens conveyed to us a depth and sense of the meaning of Christmas with his story, “A Christmas Carol”. It has been my favorite since a very young age. I have watched every version they have had on television and I have seen the play at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. I saw it with my children when they were young. It was a Christmas outing in December many years ago.

We began the evening with an early dinner of “veiner schnitzel” at The Berghoff restaurant on Adams in Chicago. After 100 years, in 2006, the original owners closed their doors. Later that year a new owner reopened fit for business lunches with an expanded menu along with some German favorites. After a wonderful dinner, we quickly left for the theatre.

The Goodman Theatre was on Columbus Drive, its original site since it opened its doors in 1925. It has since been relocated. It stood alone in the lighted, snowy evening. I remember feeling enchanted at the sight. This set the tone for the play. What a memorable evening.

I will not forget it. There were many children in the audience. For the most part, the audience was quiet. We could hear the actors speak. However, everyone was excited when the ghosts entered the stage through the air. One could feel that all had a good time and we certainly felt “blessed” on that magical evening.

               Joy to all and have a Merry Christmas!

                     Cathy Andrews

*Tiny Tim, from Dickens “A Christmas Carol”

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