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      “Writing with A Coach”

Can’t seem to get going on the path you want? Try my “28-Day Empowerment Routine” to insure your         intentions get off the ground. Change your habits by allowing me to monitor your daily writing through those    28-days and more. Yes, you must answer to someone. Certainly, you can slack off, but will you want to if you paid    for and know someone is reading your writing?

Write for one month and send it to me, Cathie, each day. Writing to someone who expects to hear from you and will read your writing each day, is a powerful coaching device. Knowing this is a commitment, promotes success-encouraging you to continue. Before you know it you will have written every day for 28 days. It has become a part of your daily routine.

Writing is a commitment that is easier to keep when you are not doing it alone. Daily writing, knowing a coach will read that writing, encourages you to put aside anything that distracts from fulfilling the daily commitment you have chosen.

With your sign up for Coaching, you will receive my “28 day Empowerment  Routine” to encourage you to succeed. It’s designed to guide you through four stages of creating your new habit.

Purchase a month of Coaching for $19.95

OR – Purchase my ebook  “Wellspring-How To Write Your Memoirs”and get my “28-Day Empowerment Routine” for free!

cover (3)-2014       “Wellspring-How To Write Your Memoirs”

Get my “28-Day Empowerment Routine” for FREE  and one month of email coaching with the purchase of my eBook.Purchase it on Amazon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Picture Cookbook 2There you will find my “Traditional Cookbook”, as well. I encourage people to use this book as a template for their own ancestral journey. Recipes are a common denominator for all of us. What else but food do all of us share in defining ourselves no matter what race or creed. Collecting recipes creates opportunity to discover more to write about while creating a family treasure. Or just enjoy my recipes collected from friends and family!

With the purchase of this book, you will receive for Free      “Key Secrets”

Whatever choice you make, be clear on this. It was a pleasure for me to write my books and I am happy to offer them to others so they can enjoy them, explore their ancestry and/or fulfill a desire to write.

  1. After purchasing my eBook, “Wellspring-How To Write Your Memoirs”
  2. Receiving  my “28-Day Empowerment Routine” for Free
  3.  And 1 month of coaching “Free”

You may purchase coaching for $19.95 per month thru PayPal. This includes monitoring of daily writing and a monthly Newsletter, “Scribere” =  to write often/to keep writing

                                                 “Keep Writing”

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