Christmas 2008 – A Grandchild Is A Gift

            . . . Anne placed her bag of gifts in front of her Nativity in the living room. She had just gotten in from spending Christmas day with her family at her son’s house. She saw her grandchild there. Lily is a delight to all of the family. She is three years old and always a surprise when Anne visits with her. The delight on her face while gazing at the presents under the tree was priceless. She is very grown up so she greeted all guests with a beautiful smile, hugs and kisses and a gracefulness you cannot teach to a three year old. This has to come from an experience within her soul. Her poise and grace astound Anne.

            For Halloween, Lily asked to wear a “Married Bride Dress”. That was her name for a wedding dress. She picked out a dress and modeled it one evening. While visiting before Halloween, Anne watched Lily walk down the stairs with the dress on for everyone to see. The sight of a three -year-old going on sixteen was certainly one to behold. She carried herself like a young woman and her actions were that of a princess. Oh yes, Anne thought, she is your grandchild you are so impressed. However, Anne isn’t the only one captured by Lily’s charm. All who meet her are very taken with her.

            Of course, there is always another side to each of us and so for Lily it is a stubborn streak. She wants to be left alone when she is tired. She will sit with Mom and Dad but not with others unless you are babysitting. Then you are the caregiver and she knows it.

            Anne believes the consensus is; everyone will give her space to be herself when she needs it. As far as observing Lily’s beauty, that comes from inside, Anne remembered how she observed her children while they grew. Each had a wisdom the other did not possess. What her son knew, her daughter did not and vice versa. Having young children around again is a nice thing. It reminds how unique we all are and of the freeness of youth.

            . . . Anne

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