Changing Insights: Enriching Life

               . . . Anne rushed into the bookstore out of the snow or was it rain? The weather had been so erratic for the month of December. It was not surprising to experience changes in temperature and multiple types of precipitation in one day. She had left her house around 1:00pm to shop after for after Christmas sales and now it was time to purchase her calendars for the New Year. Sitting down was a blessing so she grabbed a few items to choose from while sitting and reading the covers.

               As she sat a looked at her calendars and books, many thoughts went through her head. However, she felt they came from other places than from her mind. The thoughts moved into the mind from another part of her. Yes, it was her soul speaking to her. The thoughts are new to Anne. One was an idea of getting a part time job. Then another was to volunteer her time perhaps at a hospital. Sometimes she would see herself in her mind’s eye exercising. Anne wondered about these thoughts. Days went by but the thoughts stayed with her. She has writings for a book lying around her study and on her computer. The writings are rough drafts that if revised could be put into book form. It is time to get going on its completion, Anne thought. 

               Along with her changing thoughts she found she longed to commune with herself. Meditate was what she wanted to do, in order to understand more of what she was receiving from her soul. After some thought Anne realized her soul wants to express more of itself here on the earth through her physical form. She remembered knowing in September that she was to go out more. Until then she kept quiet vigils with herself trying to understand herself at a deeper level. The call to go out was the precursor to what she was hearing now. All of which are prompting her to socialize and express her soul.

               Wow, Anne thought, what a picture! There is urgency within her to do something more than she is doing. An urgency to be a “doer” not just “to be”. Her question is, “Where do I start? She thought. What do I do first? That will take some prioritizing.

               There is one day until New Year’s Eve. In the past, she has had revelations within the two days of the New Year’s holiday. Because of her recent messages from her soul, she will encourage and expect deeper incites to add to her knowledge of her soul purpose.

               . . . Anne






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