Anne looked at the calendar in amazement. She had been so busy with many things she forgot to look at the calendar most of the month. Now as she gazed at the calendar, September was almost over, the autumnal equinox had passed without her knowing the season had changed into fall. However, the weather began reflecting the change this past week.

Anne had been very busy working on a new web design with a designer. I t was not finalized yet but she came up for air and realized it was the end of the month. As she sat and thought about what she had done and still had to do, she sighed and made a list. This kept her focused on important, immediate tasks to complete. Hopefully, she would be finished with her changes to the site by the end of next week.

As you can see, the new URL is in use with her blog. is the new address. After next Friday, she will have a new site coordinating her blog, books and new services when ready for introduction.

“It is nice to be busy with such pleasant things. The creativity is life giving,” Anne thought. She yawned and went to bed. Tomorrow is another day for her to work on her project.

. . . Anne

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