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1st Draft »

Anne yawned, raising her arms to stretch before she sat at her computer to write. It was late, passed her bedtime. However, she couldn’t sleep without putting some time into her newest writing project. It had been a week since her last session and today she made herself a promise to write every day. It […]

A Healthy Discipline »

Time kept flying by. Month after month Anne watched her calendar fill up with crossed out days. She was on a schedule and had to finish her most recent book. If she didn’t put a deadline on her work, it wouldn’t get finished. So she planned, created and met her deadlines. This Saturday morning was […]

A Profound Experience: My Life »

  My life has been a roller-coaster ride. One obstacle after another, it seems. However, in hindsight, each obstacle brought closure I could benefit from and find gratitude for having the experience. It wasn’t always easy to reach gratitude. However, it came all the same. With resolve of each event came an expanded view of life. Bringing […]

“Whyning” »

  Whyning! Yes, Anne spelled the word exactly the way she wanted. It combines the word why with the sound of a whining, irksome voice generally coming out of a child. Actually, the question and the sound only come out of us when we slip into a childish place. Our inner child sits and asks […]

The Art of Writing-Talk to Yourself »

If you want to improve your writing, talk to yourself.  Yes, out loud. Writing and speaking go hand in hand. Working at one form of communication helps increase your skills of the other.”Practice makes perfect”. This is true. Why not combine both forms of communication whenever you create an article for submission or write a […]

Writers Collection »

           Fall still brought beautiful days to St Claire Shores. Anne walked down the road with a light step. Her new walking shoes gave her a bounce that eased her tired heels. It seemed as if she didn’t stay on her heels long at all. She bounced into the next step as if on air.  Walking […]

Writing Process »

           Anne ran into the store for a couple of things she needed for the morning. It had been a long day for her. She began writing early and finished at 5:00pm. She was finishing her latest book and somehow it had gotten very hard to cut it down to where she wanted it. The […]

. . . Lifelong Creative Journey »

. . . cont’d-3 I have created a 7-Step comprehensive writing program Writing for Expression and Profit.  The program is flexible and it’s designed to unfold around one’s schedule. If a person would like to take a break after completing a step that’s fine as long as they keep writing while on vacation. From deciding […]

. . . Lifelong Creative Journey »

. . . cont’d-2 From my cookbook beginnings came my newest book, Wellspring- How to Write Your Memoirs©2010. This book is a great reference to the simplicity of the basic writing process. It encourages one to realize they too can write of their history. From basic organization of a place to write to committing to what […]

Lifelong Creative Journey »

            Writing is a logical time consuming joy to me. I have been writing regularly for about 5 years now and when I sit to write I feel as  if all of me is present and my body is in sync with my brain. The creative force and my soul are present, leading the way. Writing […]