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A New Project »

“Write a novel in 100 days?” Hum, I wonder if it can be done,  thought Anne?  Anne read the daily instructions written in the article she found on She has had it on her computer for at least three years and now she was using it for a reference for her new book. When […]

Olympic Bid, Boo Hoo »

Anne gasped as she imagined every enthusiastic fan from Chicago did as the Olympic committee announced that Chicago was knocked out of the race for the Olympic bid of 2016 on the first round of voting. A silence fell on the visiting viewers, the news commentators muffled their gasps and we all sat of one […]

Scattered, But Happy »

Anne closed the blinds in her living room for the night as she got a wonderful breath of cool evening air. Another summer month is ending, she thought. Where was time going? She had so much to do to get her new eBook ready to sell. She also knew she had two other books in […]

Finally, After All These Years »

Well, the heat has come to Chicago, humidity and all. Anne sat typing at her computer with sweat dripping down the side of her forehead. She got up from the computer to put the air conditioner on for the first time this July. Her apartment stayed cool during the day because a breeze blew into […]

Simple, Quiet and Cool »

               Well, Anne sat disappointed after reading about the solar eclipse that is to happen on July 22nd. It seems that people will see the eclipse on the opposite side of the earth from where Anne lives. The United States will not see this happening. Oh well, what can you do. Astrologers say that much […]

Satisfaction, Almost Achieved »

               Anne worked feverishly cleaning her home. Time had gotten away from her because she’s been wrapped up trying to finish her “How to eBook” on writing memoirs. She’s been consumed with its completion and has finally found that she is very near her goal. However, Anne took the day off to get away from […]

Busy, Lazy Days »

               Anne woke late this morning to a beautiful day. She had afternoon plans with friends but for now, she wanted to take in the beauty of the day while enjoying a cup of coffee. It is the middle of June and the weather has been perfect for her. The days are pleasant sixty and […]

Creative Energy »

Anne sighed. She is writing a book on How to Write Memoirs. Along with her techniques, she has done research collecting information and tools to help with the writing process. She found herself inundated with references and must weed through files to choose her writings for the book. Sometimes it gets confusing. She wants to […]

Time Will Tell »

Sunday afternoon brings calm to everyone. Whether resting on a lounge chair reading a book or waiting for the coals to get ready to Bar B Q, it is a lazy sort of a day. Well, it was always meant to be a day of rest, thought Anne. This one is no different. She could […]

Nostalgia for Memorial Days Gone by »

               Memorial Day Weekend! Where did the time go? It seems like it was just the first day of spring. Now it was time for summer to roll in. Spring in Chicago has never seemed so beautiful. The days heat up from a cool night, good for sleeping. Almost daily, the sun shines beating down […]