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A Healthy Discipline »

Time kept flying by. Month after month Anne watched her calendar fill up with crossed out days. She was on a schedule and had to finish her most recent book. If she didn’t put a deadline on her work, it wouldn’t get finished. So she planned, created and met her deadlines. This Saturday morning was […]

Rocks ! ! ! »

Anne sat looking at the night sky. The full moon was a day away and it was already spectacular. She reflected on how fast time was passing. Her granddaughter was starting kindergarten in a week. It seemed as if she just went to Ella’s preschool graduation . . . With the sun burning her arm […]

Another Syndrome »

After watching Oprah one morning, Anne sat in contemplation of the insights she received as she listened to the topic of the day. The subject of the show was hoarding. Anne thought of times she was compelled to spend money and other times she passed on opportunities because she didn’t feel she needed anything. She had […]

One Thing Ends and Another Begins »

Anne awoke at 6:00 am. Stumbling between the bed and the television, she reached to turn it on to see if her choice of governor won the election. Still undecided, she grimaced with concern that her choice wouldn’t get into office.

The End of a Day »

10-14-2001             Anne watched as the last miner stepped out of the crowd and hugged a loved one. It seems as if the whole world was watching and cheering them to safety.” That was nothing other than miraculous”, Anne sighed.  “It’s so nice to see a miracle before our eyes”, Anne thought. What a change […]

Lulu »

            Anne listened to the news. It never sounds very happy so she turned the television off. She was also tired of hearing about Mel Gibson and his supposed rants. She wondered if the recent rant was really him. No matter, it had nothing to do with her.             Today was a beautiful summer day […]

Busy Week! »

Anne closed her computer. Four hours is a long time to be sitting, researching and writing. She is busy these days finishing a book, writing articles and promoting her Coaching program. Weekends she tweaks her site and creates new pages. With the weekend over, Anne planned her schedule for the week. This included finishing at […]

Changes »

Anne looked at the calendar in amazement. She had been so busy with many things she forgot to look at the calendar most of the month. Now as she gazed at the calendar, September was almost over, the autumnal equinox had passed without her knowing the season had changed into fall. However, the weather began […]

Simple Pleasures Reap Rewards »

Anne typed as the weatherman announced the storm warnings for the evening. She sat by the widow typing as the light from the sun diminished slowly. Hearing the weatherman, she could not deny the changes in the weather anymore so she stopped for a moment and turned on the light. The problem with that was […]