Category: Memories

Happy Christmas »

Anne finished wrapping her last gift. It was three o’clock on Christmas Eve. She was happy to have finished with time to spare. She would spend the evening with Noah and his family. She would spend tomorrow with her children and grandchildren. This year, for her, the song of the year was “Christmas Memories”. She […]

Grateful Moment »

Anne listened to Barbra Streisand sing “Christmas Memories”. It is time to listen to holiday songs before the season passes. This song brought a tear to her eyes because it reflected her life as it is. Her marriage and children are gone now and she sees the busy lives her children lead. It is their […]

The voice in My Head: I Love Writing »

               Anne turned the television off after hearing the last joke she wanted to hear about protestors wanting to fire David Letterman. Enough is enough she thought. She was very busy writing for the last four days and did not hear much else but the writing voice in her head helping her to write and […]

. . . From out of the past, Chicago Bears Nostalgia »

It was a cold Sunday in January 1986, the 26th to be exact. The Chicago Bears were in New Orleans ready to play the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl Championship of the 1985 football season. Not one observing Chicago fan will forget this Championship game. The team was truly the *“Monsters of the […]