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Happy Birthday! »

               Another birthday! Anne said to herself.  She woke up feeling good this morning despite the fact that another year had passed in the blink of an eye. It is nice to feel good in the morning. It is a sign of health, Anne thought.  Often, growing older brings with it insight, introspect and a […]

Ho Hum, Yawn, A Chew! »

Anne sat at her computer, thoughts racing through her mind. What do I write? She asked herself. What do I say? Since the presidential election is over and the economy is in the tubes she hasn’t had much she wanted to say about current events. Ho hum is her feelings and thoughts of daily news […]

Keeping a Healthy Attitude During Our Times »

               . . . Sitting in her study Anne felt the air blow in from the cracked window. This was an experience she had not had for a couple of months in her room. The weather had broken a few days before and the freezing cold that had settled into the Chicago area had moved […]

Landscapes, Natures Nurturing Sights »

               The dark silhouettes of the pines trees drew Anne’s attention as she drove through the small town. Lights from the dimly lit street lamps, shown through the branches and sharply outlined the beauty of the pine trees. A gazebo stood amid the pines in the village square sharing the space with a small pond. […]

Making Peace, a Great Act »

               . . . Anne sipped her tea as she listened to her friend, Jennifer, speak about her revelation and the action she took today. It seems that after 10 years of silence, Jen wrote a letter to her younger brother. She did not have animosity toward him but she believes he has ill feelings […]

Abundance Lunch »

Recently, Anne had lunch with a friend of hers. As they leisurely ate a delicious lunch, her friend explained different aspects of abundance to her. He is a businessperson who is perceptive about abundance. He lives his life within an abundant flow. This is what she got out of their conversation. Abundance is created from […]

Creating Personal Success »

. . . Anne could not sleep. She had gone to bed because she was tired but after lying there for a half-hour, she had to get up to do something. She started her diet, again. This time she wanted to cut out all sugar right away. Perhaps this is why she could not sleep. […]

Resolutions in Changing Times »

               . . . Anne went to bed very late. She found that since the New Year, time seemed to be passing very quickly. Tomorrow morning officially started the 2009 workweek. Everyone would be getting back to his or her routines while the weather painted its winter landscape. Anne had so many things she wanted […]

Unexpected New Years Insights »

. . . Anne looked across the table at her friend and said “Happy New Year” as their tea cups clinked together. They were having some tea after a wonderful dinner and then a movie when the owner of the coffee shop said “Happy New Year” to all of the customers. Neither she nor her […]

Changing Insights: Enriching Life »

               . . . Anne rushed into the bookstore out of the snow or was it rain? The weather had been so erratic for the month of December. It was not surprising to experience changes in temperature and multiple types of precipitation in one day. She had left her house around 1:00pm to shop after […]