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Love With a Large ‘L’ »

There is nothing like it. The large ‘L’ depicts a universal aspect of love that is sound and steadfast- As in thestate of being in love. The power of this basis of ‘being’ is greater than we could imagine. Viewing the roles humans play from Good Samaritan to vengeful warrior with the big ‘L’ as […]

Rocks ! ! ! »

Anne sat looking at the night sky. The full moon was a day away and it was already spectacular. She reflected on how fast time was passing. Her granddaughter was starting kindergarten in a week. It seemed as if she just went to Ella’s preschool graduation . . . With the sun burning her arm […]

Another Syndrome »

After watching Oprah one morning, Anne sat in contemplation of the insights she received as she listened to the topic of the day. The subject of the show was hoarding. Anne thought of times she was compelled to spend money and other times she passed on opportunities because she didn’t feel she needed anything. She had […]

One Thing Ends and Another Begins »

Anne awoke at 6:00 am. Stumbling between the bed and the television, she reached to turn it on to see if her choice of governor won the election. Still undecided, she grimaced with concern that her choice wouldn’t get into office.

The End of a Day »

10-14-2001             Anne watched as the last miner stepped out of the crowd and hugged a loved one. It seems as if the whole world was watching and cheering them to safety.” That was nothing other than miraculous”, Anne sighed.  “It’s so nice to see a miracle before our eyes”, Anne thought. What a change […]

A Growing Season? »

Back from a long break- Monday morning and a good one at that. Anne sat at her computer and reflected on the activities of her week-end. The spring-like weather breathed new life into her impatiens plant that had miraculously bloomed at her south window all winter. It had been a delight through the long winter […]

Haiti-Uniting Our Global Community »

               2010 came in with arctic temperatures over the Midwest and other parts of the US. Anne kept warm passing time with anything she could think of to keep busy. Soon she looked at her calendar and found it was January 12th. With the cloudy Tuesday came the news of an earthquake in Haiti. As […]

Happy Christmas »

Anne finished wrapping her last gift. It was three o’clock on Christmas Eve. She was happy to have finished with time to spare. She would spend the evening with Noah and his family. She would spend tomorrow with her children and grandchildren. This year, for her, the song of the year was “Christmas Memories”. She […]

Grateful Moment »

Anne listened to Barbra Streisand sing “Christmas Memories”. It is time to listen to holiday songs before the season passes. This song brought a tear to her eyes because it reflected her life as it is. Her marriage and children are gone now and she sees the busy lives her children lead. It is their […]

Sadness for the City of Chicago! »

Anne listened as Oprah said she will be ending her show after the twenty-fifth season. Next year. We will all miss her daily talk show but she will do more on her own cable station. OWN. She stated she would partake in projects on that station reflecting her vision, values and interests. Anne believes Oprah […]