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One Thing Ends and Another Begins »

Anne awoke at 6:00 am. Stumbling between the bed and the television, she reached to turn it on to see if her choice of governor won the election. Still undecided, she grimaced with concern that her choice wouldn’t get into office.

Haiti-Uniting Our Global Community »

               2010 came in with arctic temperatures over the Midwest and other parts of the US. Anne kept warm passing time with anything she could think of to keep busy. Soon she looked at her calendar and found it was January 12th. With the cloudy Tuesday came the news of an earthquake in Haiti. As […]

Sadness for the City of Chicago! »

Anne listened as Oprah said she will be ending her show after the twenty-fifth season. Next year. We will all miss her daily talk show but she will do more on her own cable station. OWN. She stated she would partake in projects on that station reflecting her vision, values and interests. Anne believes Oprah […]

Puzzling Loss »

Anne closed her laptop and went into the kitchen for a drink of water. It was time for her to quit writing for the day. Enough is enough she thought. It was time to eat dinner. This last week has brought much insight to Anne about her future. She has been working on a novel. […]

Well, What About Extending Unemployment? »

There is too much talk about funding war, flu, bailouts, corporate bonuses and healthcare. Where is the unemployment extension for All States? Congress is stalling and it is taking its toll on families and the elderly. People do not have quality of life without aid to pay their bills. Mayor Daley is concerned about laying […]

Eight Years Ago, Today »

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing eight years ago today? September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday that year. Anne was working a temporary job in the office of a music magazine. It was a beautiful day in Chicago, sunny and warm, but pleasant. Upon arriving to work, Anne found the […]

Bill Clinton’s Diplomacy: Still Powerfully Viable »

Anne listened to the television news report stating that today is our President’s birthday. As she watched the President acknowledge an 89-year-old journalist for her birthday today. She could not stop thinking about Bill Clinton and the two journalists held in Korea. Before she went to bed last night, she saw the headlines reporting that […]

We Tip Our Hats »

            Wow, Anne thought, this week has been so busy.  Tomorrow is Friday and Anne was not finished formatting her book so she was overwhelmed. June 30th is her deadline to be finished with content and formatting, then on to editing by an editor. Anne has written a book “How to Write Your Memoirs”. It […]

Memorial Tribute »

               Anne wiped the tears from her eyes as she turned the television station. She watched a tribute to American soldiers from all wars on PBS. It aired twice so she listened to the music again. Both times it made her cry. She had dodged many of the movies aired this weekend about past wars […]

. . . On a Lighter Note, Spring is Here! »

               . . . Anne awoke from her sound sleep to the knocking on her door. It was maintenance. She had a work order in to unclog her bathroom sink. She let the man in and went to her computer. Anne got an email from her cousin. It was about the simpler/quieter time of the […]