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Grateful Moment »

Anne listened to Barbra Streisand sing “Christmas Memories”. It is time to listen to holiday songs before the season passes. This song brought a tear to her eyes because it reflected her life as it is. Her marriage and children are gone now and she sees the busy lives her children lead. It is their […]

Great Afternoon »

            Having had a great afternoon, Anne went home to relax. Topping off her day was a singing recital her three ½ year old granddaughter was in with her class. What a difference between attending the recital and listening to the news. After the recital she had lunch with family. When she came into her […]

Surprise Matrimony »

. . . Anne sat looking at the television with great surprise. David Letterman got married last week! What a surprise. Congratulations to Harry, Mom and Dad! He announced it on his show tonight, very casually, after announcing Bruce Willis’ marriage. This is the second long time live-in couple that has spoken of marriage or […]

Newsletter “Angel Gazette” January 2009 Volume 1 Issue 9 »

Sign up at        As the economy continues to slip, Chicago’s Senate fiasco flares, and general depressing news fills the airways, find some comfort in a home cooked meal.  Here is a standard recipe to warm your family and a couple of drinks that will soothe any heavy heart. Old Fashioned Pot Roast Roast, covered at […]

Making Peace, a Great Act »

               . . . Anne sipped her tea as she listened to her friend, Jennifer, speak about her revelation and the action she took today. It seems that after 10 years of silence, Jen wrote a letter to her younger brother. She did not have animosity toward him but she believes he has ill feelings […]

Christmas 2008 – A Grandchild Is A Gift »

            . . . Anne placed her bag of gifts in front of her Nativity in the living room. She had just gotten in from spending Christmas day with her family at her son’s house. She saw her grandchild there. Lily is a delight to all of the family. She is three years old and […]

*God Bless Us, Everyone! »

               There can be no doubt that Charles Dickens conveyed to us a depth and sense of the meaning of Christmas with his story, “A Christmas Carol”. It has been my favorite since a very young age. I have watched every version they have had on television and I have seen the play at the […]

Symbols of the Season »

Christmas Lore England has such a great selection of Christmas symbols. Music of master composers played with beautiful instruments, trumpets and French horns played in cathedrals accompanying voices singing praise of the season. Holly and ivy bushes, mistletoe, etc fill our eyes with beauty. Holly is my favorite symbol of holiday and winter. Holly and […]

Christmas Treasures »

Charlie Brown is a favorite holiday cartoon for my children. They grew up watching the programs throughout the year culminating with Christmas. Actually, I found out that Christmas was the first special. I, for one, never took to the down- in-his-luck character. I could not understand what was so captivating about him getting rocks in […]

Closure, A Welcome Gift »

            Anne remembered to take the roast out of her freezer to thaw. It would be very cold when she arises in the morning so she wanted to make dinner in the oven. It was so nice to warm the house with an oven on top of the heat. On below freezing days there could […]