Busy Week!

Anne closed her computer. Four hours is a long time to be sitting, researching and writing. She is busy these days finishing a book, writing articles and promoting her Coaching program. Weekends she tweaks her site and creates new pages.
With the weekend over, Anne planned her schedule for the week. This included finishing at least two chapters of her latest book. Blogging is on her daily agenda, again. Time to breakout and make her statements on a daily basis.
“And what will those be,” she thought while scratching her head.
Anne yawned and went to the next item on her list. Ho Hum, she yawned, again. The next project is writing more articles for Ezine Articles. She started three more about a month ago and now it is time to finish them.
Anne’s book “Wellspring-How To Write Your Memoirs” is finished. Her book is for sale on her site. It goes with her Coaching program. She wrote three articles and now it’s time to add to that list.
In addition, she has to create more YouTube videos for her Coaching Program. They’re hard for her to do. Writing o one thing she likes to do but the camera, voice and getting her words straight are a lot to coordinate. Oh, well, just another thing she will have to learn to coordinate.
“Well, that makes for a busy week,” Anne mused. A Muse! That’s exactly what I need. I’ll have to tap into my muse to help with my creative work this week.”
. . . Anne

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