Boat Rental

Excerpt from “Conversations With Anne” by Cathie Andrew

          Her friends at the counter began to laugh at him. As he caught on to their jokes, he stepped up his antics and all of them laughed together. Anne looked up in almost shock. Noah was “in the Brew”!

Anne walked out of “the Brew” satisfied for the day she had written all she could. It hadn’t been easy for her to start this next book. Much has happened through her lives, past and this one, so she reverted slowly into the paths she had walked. Each one took her to other times and places she remembered vividly once she started backtracking her steps. Emotional, intellectual, and physically, she put her experience on paper, what she knew of time, place and human experience.

Today, after her stop at the cleaners, Anne went to the Marina to rent her boat for the summer. Her boat rental was important to her. Even though her relationship with Noah continued and deepened, she still rented her number 10 for the summer.

Noah was against her renting every year. He disagreed with her. Often asking, “Can’t I let you use the boat, any boat, when you want? I do own the marina.”

Anne would reply, “I don’t want to change the arrangement. It has worked out well for me so let’s keep all the details the same. I will rent the boat season after season. I can write off the expense and all is well.”

“Humph”, Noah would reply shaking his head. Being a business man, Noah knew what she said about writing off the expense was a good move on her part. But, his male ego suffered thinking he wanted to just do it for her. And there was pride involved. How does that look to others that she pays him for using his boat?

Anne supported her actions telling him if someone asks tell them” It really isn’t your business. However, since you asked, Anne insists on conducting her business as usual.”

With Anne’s reassurance, he decided not to think about it. Then their conversation would go on to something else. Usually it started with small talk; local events and happenings at the marina.

. . . Cathie Andrew

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