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Excerpt from “Conversations With Anne” by Cathie Andrew           Her friends at the counter began to laugh at him. As he caught on to their jokes, he stepped up his antics and all of them laughed together. Anne looked up in almost shock. Noah was “in the Brew”! Anne walked out of “the Brew” satisfied […]

1st Draft »

Anne yawned, raising her arms to stretch before she sat at her computer to write. It was late, passed her bedtime. However, she couldn’t sleep without putting some time into her newest writing project. It had been a week since her last session and today she made herself a promise to write every day. It […]

A Healthy Discipline »

Time kept flying by. Month after month Anne watched her calendar fill up with crossed out days. She was on a schedule and had to finish her most recent book. If she didn’t put a deadline on her work, it wouldn’t get finished. So she planned, created and met her deadlines. This Saturday morning was […]

A Profound Experience: My Life »

  My life has been a roller-coaster ride. One obstacle after another, it seems. However, in hindsight, each obstacle brought closure I could benefit from and find gratitude for having the experience. It wasn’t always easy to reach gratitude. However, it came all the same. With resolve of each event came an expanded view of life. Bringing […]

“Whyning” »

  Whyning! Yes, Anne spelled the word exactly the way she wanted. It combines the word why with the sound of a whining, irksome voice generally coming out of a child. Actually, the question and the sound only come out of us when we slip into a childish place. Our inner child sits and asks […]

Love With a Large ‘L’ »

There is nothing like it. The large ‘L’ depicts a universal aspect of love that is sound and steadfast- As in thestate of being in love. The power of this basis of ‘being’ is greater than we could imagine. Viewing the roles humans play from Good Samaritan to vengeful warrior with the big ‘L’ as […]

Rocks ! ! ! »

Anne sat looking at the night sky. The full moon was a day away and it was already spectacular. She reflected on how fast time was passing. Her granddaughter was starting kindergarten in a week. It seemed as if she just went to Ella’s preschool graduation . . . With the sun burning her arm […]

Another Syndrome »

After watching Oprah one morning, Anne sat in contemplation of the insights she received as she listened to the topic of the day. The subject of the show was hoarding. Anne thought of times she was compelled to spend money and other times she passed on opportunities because she didn’t feel she needed anything. She had […]

The Art of Writing-Talk to Yourself »

If you want to improve your writing, talk to yourself.  Yes, out loud. Writing and speaking go hand in hand. Working at one form of communication helps increase your skills of the other.”Practice makes perfect”. This is true. Why not combine both forms of communication whenever you create an article for submission or write a […]

One Thing Ends and Another Begins »

Anne awoke at 6:00 am. Stumbling between the bed and the television, she reached to turn it on to see if her choice of governor won the election. Still undecided, she grimaced with concern that her choice wouldn’t get into office.