April 15th, 2009

               . . . Anne settled into her favorite spot on her sofa. The day was over and she had accomplished many things since Monday. Sunday evening she move what she could out of her kitchen and took everything off the walls. Monday morning the painter came early to paint the room. The week prior workers were in to patch cracks in her walls. They did a good job repairing the cracks from years of settling and made the walls look new. The plaster had to dry so the painting was scheduled after the weekend. Finally, the paint dried and Anne felt like getting some new items for the kitchen. She rearranged some appliances and got rid of old pieces.

               Today was tax day. Anne started organizing her receipts for deductions a week ago. However, she worked most of yesterday to fill in the forms for state and federal, find the addresses, sign and put the packages together. Today she woke up and went to the post office to get the envelopes weighed and mailed on time. She hoped she filled the forms out correctly. She would know soon enough. It took her time but she finished and was grateful when she awoke and saw the finished envelops. “Whew, a job well done,” she patted herself on the back.

               When she sat down to watch the news she saw people throwing tea from boats in protest of high taxes. This was a surprise to her. She did not know how many people are questioning the changes happening in our country. Anne heard the news commentator say there were at least seven hundred groups all over the country protesting today. It is a good thing the demonstrations are calm statements of rebellion. On the other hand, Anne thought it was good that people were out saying what is on their minds. It is a time to listen, question and discuss.

               We the people must step up and let government know, whether state or federal, that we care and will not stand in silence as in the past. We are responsible for ourselves so we must let Public Servants know they work for us. Tax structure must be re-thought and we are the people to decide what and how should be paid to the governments.

“This is not the time to raise taxes. Time will tell us what to do.”Anne thought. She sighed with relief as she thought once more about mailing her taxes on time.


. . . Anne

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