Another Syndrome

After watching Oprah, today, Anne sat in contemplation of the insights she received as she listened to the topic of the day. The subject of the show was hoarding. Anne thought of times she was compelled to spend money and other times she passed on opportunities because she did not feel she needed anything. She had already realized that when she was not connected to herself through her heart she found herself looking outside of herself to fill emptiness. This is what she heard from the guests as she listened to the stories on the talk show.

There were many analyzations made and explanations to why and how this happens. The syndrome of hoarding is referred to as a mental illness. A person who has this disorder is trying to fill themselves with things as others fill themselves with alcohol, food, drugs, money, etc. However, what they are saying is the symptoms of the problem not the whole picture.

Anne believes that all and any of our dysfunctions come from our own misperceptions caused by experience through living life as a human on this planet Earth. Our paths take us through experience and it is up to us to allow ourselves to grieve when it is time, laugh when it is time and love through all experiences. We are complete when we come from source/God, experience happens, we either close or learn from the experience. Where we close off, is where we live in lack causing want. This is the basis for all our dysfunctions.

Therefore, we must work to educate ourselves to heal our wounds so we can love again. Love fills the voids we create and it is our capacity to love, not what we own, that is the measure of our worth as a soulful human being.

. . . Anne

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