A Healthy Discipline

Time kept flying by. Month after month Anne watched her calendar fill up with crossed out days. She was on a schedule and had to finish her most recent book. If she didn’t put a deadline on her work, it wouldn’t get finished. So she planned, created and met her deadlines. This Saturday morning was a planning day for her. She would plan for the next week, write an outline and read over what she had written last week.

Anne had met her goals from last Saturday. Sometimes she would just meet the goal by having to spend an hour or two longer than she had planned. That was how it worked some days. Other days she met her timeline with ease. It didn’t matter either way. She was determined to finish her projects/books. It took her a while to get into a comfortable working routine. She found out she had to be accountable. That was the one thing that made her deliver.  It‘s easy to be accountable to someone else but Anne had to develop her own accountability to herself. This was the most important thing she had to do to create a discipline about her work. Otherwise she wouldn’t get it done.

Some people are self motivated and can hold to their schedules. Ego is a large motivator. So is being responsible. Others find total enjoyment in what they do. Anne found enjoyment in writing; however, it wasn’t her greatest motivator to promote completion of a project.

After analyzing her motivations, Anne realized she was always “on” when she had to account to someone. It took her time to turn that inward but she did so successfully. Now she writes without much pre-thought and meets her deadlines.

Often, while working on one project, Anne begins thinking about another. She puts an outline together piece by piece without any urgency. This makes the task easy. When she gets an idea, she writes it down and files it to be used when she begins her next project. Sometimes it will come as a character trait. Other times it is a piece of a setting. Setting usually comes first with characters running and even race. After all, both of these parts of a story are major. Filling in when ideas come to her really supports her next project. Saturday morning, with a pot of coffee or tea, is her favorite time to look at her notes and organize them. Sometimes another project pops into her thoughts. Only when the new idea continues to come to her, does she start collecting her thoughts on paper for that project.

Anne sat at her desk with her coffee. Italian Cream was her favorite additive to her coffee. Sometimes she would put cinnamon in the coffee grounds before it brewed and then added her Cream. Wow she loved those tastes!

Anne drank her coffee and looked out her window. Then she looked at her notes.

” The small town awoke early,” she thought . . .

That line started her day of writing. She was on her way. Half way through the third page Anne looked up, again and thought,

“Wow, I’m so fortunate to do what I love doing. And make a living at it!”

Anne . . .

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