A Growing Season?

Back from a long break- Monday morning and a good one at that. Anne sat at her computer and reflected on the activities of her week-end. The spring-like weather breathed new life into her impatiens plant that had miraculously bloomed at her south window all winter. It had been a delight through the long winter to have flowers blooming constantly as the snow fell and the clouds covered a beautiful winter landscape. Now, as the seasons changed her flowering plant perked even more into a flowering bush.

It must have been the food-filled potting soil that pumped hearty life into her purchased seedlings. Even through  summer Anne hadn’t seen such growth. In comparison, she had the delight of watching two grand children grow as the plant did through the winter season. She related the heartiness of the plant to the nurturing of the grand children. Anne knew that grand children multiplied fast and this past year she saw the truth of that statement in front of her eyes in her own grandchildren. She now has three, a four year old and two babies under six months.

Each child brought their own gifts to plant in her heart. Anne enjoys receiving their uniqueness as she gets to know them better. The four year old is established in her heart with a solid first grandchild place. She and Anne have conversations about princesses and play games together. Painting is the child’s favorite pastime.

With the new little ones Anne is still exploring and discovering. The little girl is cuddly and smiley now. Her verbal little screams are endearing as she kicks under her arch of playthings. She has found her hand and loves nawing on it.

Finally, the big boy who is an armful, charms people with his cooing and large smile. Eating is his main focus yet he utilizes his hands on toys now with heavy-handed dexterity. Undoubtedly, he will be tall. His length and weight dictate that even now. Proud of that projection, his father can’t wait to look up at him when he is grown.

Surprisingly, this past, very snowy, winter has been a great growing season for plants as well as grandchildren.

. . .  Anne

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