1st Draft

Anne yawned, raising her arms to stretch before she sat at her computer to write. It was late, passed her bedtime. However, she couldn’t sleep without putting some time into her newest writing project. It had been a week since her last session and today she made herself a promise to write every day. It was the only way to complete the 1st draft of her book.

Anne knew that if she wrote every day, she would eventually finish. It was inevitable. So she sat and began her session . . .

Dawn listened to her heart race as she walked into her apartment. Walking up the two flights of stairs was hard for her today.  She must have had a cold or sinus infection because her breathing was labored. The pounding in her ears drowned out the television from the living room.

Her husband was home already.Dawn had stopped at the store for some cold medicine after work. She was happy to be home so she could lie down and rest. Dinner would have to be leftovers or Warren could order and have it delivered. Soup was on her mind or maybe she would just make a salad.

Dawn walked into the living room and found Warren lying on the sofa half asleep while the evening news reported another youth slain in his own neighborhood. She quickly changed the station to some music and went to change her clothes. Warren never noticed her or the channel change.

Finished with her bath, Dawn went into the living room. Warren was still asleep. She woke him up and said, “Hello, honey. How do you feel?”

Warren answered in a low voice, “Not too well, Babe. I have cold and chills. Why were you so late in coming home tonight?”

Dawn smiled and patted his head, “I’m not feeling well either. I got some over the counter medicine before I came home. I hope there is enough for both of us.” Leaning her head back on the sofa, Dawn asked, “How about some Chinese?”

Warren smiled and shook his head, “Not tonight. I want some soup and maybe a salad. That’s all.”

Dawn laughed, “We are a fine pair you and I. Who is going to make the soup and salad?’

Warren gestured for his phone. Dawn gladly handed it to him. “How about some wonton soup and you can make a salad?”

Dawn shook her head in agreement and laughed, again, “I guess we’ve really grown together. We have the same symptoms and we want to eat the same food.”

Warren smiled and dialed the phone, “Two orders of wonton soup, please . . . “

His voice trailed off as Dawn went into the kitchen to get the salads ready. She was so happy to find a bag of lettuce in the fridge. And a tomato, what a prize!

With a sigh she said, “Wow, I’m so happy to be home!”

Anne yawned and put her computer to sleep for the night. She was happy to have written something. And now it was time for bed.

As she put her head on her pillow Anne said, “Wow, I’m so happy to go to bed!”

Anne . . .

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